The town of Komiža

About the town

The town of Komiža is comfortably asleep during the winter in the largest bay on the island of Vis, which faces the open sea and further, towards Italy. It is also hidden from the rest of the island by the 600-meter high hill Hum, which offers an extraordinary view to the Adriatic sea as you have never seen before: Velebit, Peljesac, Lastovo, Jabuka, Kornati …

But in summer Komiža wakes up and turns into a sun-drenched beauty.

It is first mentioned in history as a village, “villa Comisae”, in 1542 when the inhabitants from the inner part of the island began to move to the coast.

Komiža is a cosy small town (about 1700 inhabitants) that will not leave you indifferent already on your first walk through its narrow streets, alleys, squeezed around the harbour. Here you will enjoy taverns and restaurants with fish specialities, taste local wine, Vugava and Plavac Mali.

Apart from wine growing, people in Komiža have always been engaged in fishing. Fishing is an art here, the fruit of a long tradition that tells us stories of outstanding fishermen, innovators, who were famous throughout the Mediterranean and beyond. In the Fishermen’s Museum in Komiža you can take the path of history through the many fishing tools on display there. You will also come across a fast, agile boat created just for the needs of dangerous offshore fishing: the gajeta Falkuša. In Komiža, on the day of St. Nicholas, the patron saint of travellers, sailors and fishermen and the patron of the town, a sacrificial ship is brought to a bonfire in front of the parish church which bears the same name.

If you came to this beautiful island for swimming and sunbathing, you will be amazed by the beauty of Komiža beaches and bays. Some of the pebble beaches near the Biševo Hotel have drinking water sources. Here there is a beach for everyone, from isolated places where you can harmonize body and mind, to beaches where you can dance at sunset and enjoy yourself with your friends.

However, if that is not enough, the Cultural Summer of Komiža can offer you a range of various musical and stage events which will overwhelm you together with the sea and the summer atmosphere.

If you have your boat, moor it in the port of Komiža, go ashore, admire Komiža, spend the night in our hotel, visit local taverns and shops and enjoy the moment of return to tradition through the time machine of the magic atmosphere in Komiža.


Where to go and what to see

Fishermen’s museum

The Fishermen’s museum is situated in the “Komuna”, a Venetian fortress from the 16th century, on the waterfront of the town. Fishing enthusiasts will be delighted with the collection of original items of boat and fishing equipment from local fishermen, for centuries known as the best and most famous on the Adriatic sea. You have to dedicate special attention to the replica of the famous Komiža’s fishing boat, called “Gajeta Falkuša“, a fast and agile boat that these excellent fishermen used for dangerous hunting on the high seas.

Geopark Vis archipelago

The area of the Vis Archipelago encompasses the island of Vis and the surrounding islands of Biševo, Sveti Andrija, Brusnik, Jabuka and Palagruža. It is an area in the central part of the Adriatic Sea that has undergone specific geological transformations, which has led to the creation of impressive geological structures and geomorphological phenomena. The Geopark Vis Archipelago is a part of the UNESCO Global Geopark Network whose main goals are protection, education and sustainable development.

Due to its natural uniqueness, cultural heritage and historical facts, the WWF – the World Wide Fund for Nature in 2003 declared Vis archipelago one of the last ten “paradise oases of the Mediterranean”.

There are three geotrails which are a must-visit with expert guidance, especially for those who are nature lovers: Geotrail Komiža, Geotrail Biševo and Geotrail Vis -Rukavac.

The visitor centre of the Geopark Vis Archipelago is located in Komiža, where you can get promotional materials, souvenirs and all other information related to the Geopark. The visitor centre is the work of the famous Croatian post-war architect Ivan Vitić.


Tito’s cave

If you have an adventurous spirit and love history, visit Tito’s Cave, a hidden war cave beneath the Mount Hum, the highest elevation point of Vis. To get to the cave, you have to cross 275 stairs.

In the cave was located the supreme headquarters of the partisan army in 1944, when after the raid on the town of Drvar, Josip Broz Tito, the former Yugoslavian leader, took refuge on the island after fleeing through Italy.



If you have a little time left, you can go on various organized excursions from the town of Komiža: you can visit the island of Biševo and its Blue Cave, sail to the islands of Svetac and Brusnik, to the legendary Palagruža or the most remote Croatian island, the volcanic Jabuka.


Restaurants and taverns

The waterfront of Komiža is full of restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy Mediterranean cuisine and the original specialities of the island. Embark on a culinary route not only through Komiža but also in the inner part of the island where you will discover rural estates with special gourmet dishes. Surprise yourself with flavours and aromas you haven’t experienced before.

Apart from the food, every cuisine on the Vis island is proud of its secrets: traditional recipes, the distinctiveness and hospitality of the owners, excellent local ingredients and the sweet taste of wine from island vineyards.

Beaches and coves

The entire bay of Komiža is crowded with beautiful pebble beaches. When you leave the hotel Biševo in the morning, you can choose a new beach almost every day where you will enjoy the warm sun and the blue, crystal clear sea. Here the seawater is especially beautiful and inspiriting because the currents constantly bring new water from the open sea.

On each beach, you will discover new wonders of nature that create an ideal frame of shade and beauty. Many of these beaches also have freshwater springs. There are also mysterious and isolated beaches, ideal for naturists.

Whether you are looking for your little paradise on the coast for a romantic swim or an ideal place where your children will play carefree while you enjoy the sun, the beaches of Komiža will provide that for you.

The largest and most popular beach is the one located just below the Biševo Hotel.


Gusarica (translated: female pirate) beach was named after the church of St. Mary known as “Our Lady of the Pirates” which is located next to the beach. According to the legend the pirates once robbed the church and stole the image of Our Lady. When leaving the bay, they could not sail out because of a fury storm and decided to throw the painting overboard. Our Lady’s image returned to the shore in front of the church. Due to the event mentioned, the veneration of Our Lady of the Pirates was so deep in its devotion, and her image was considered miraculous.

Gusarica beach is filled with small, soft pebbles and has a shallow entrance to the clear sea, which makes it ideal for children to play and learn to swim. It is easily reachable, accessible by car, scooter, bicycle or on foot. All around there are pine, tamarisk and carob trees. They offer shelter in their shade to relax from the summer heat.

The beach is suitable for people with disabilities.  There are also showers, changing cabins and several cafés and snack bars.

In the centre of Komiža you will find several beautiful beaches. LUČICA, one of them, is nestled behind a large breakwater that protects the city port. It is equipped with showers and changing cabins. There is a nice small beach bar to sit down and refresh with a fine drink enjoying the moment. When the low tide comes, it is possible to walk across the sea from Lučica to other beaches.

KAMENICE beach is a popular gathering place for young people. This beach has it all: warm, soft pebbles for bare feet, crystal blue sea, freshwater springs, tamarisk and pine trees providing shade. The most beautiful sunsets on the whole island of Vis are presented here by a radiant sky. When the sun sets in its splendour, the coffee shop and snack bar turns into a nightclub where you can enjoy music and dance into the warm summer nights of Komiža.

If you have a pet, be sure to visit VARTALAC. It is a beautiful beach intended for pets, surrounded by lush vegetation and rocks of volcanic origin with a crystal clear sea.

PIZDICA and VELU ŽOLO are beaches for seekers of peace and quiet. They are never too crowded. Both beaches are rich in freshwater springs, they are pebbly beaches, and the sea is teeming with rich underwater life. Here you will enjoy the sounds of waves and crickets lying bathed in the warmth of the summer sun.

The naturist paradise of Komiža is made up of two larger beaches and several smaller, beautiful pebble corners. These are isolated places, in nature, and yet close to the town of Komiža.

NOVO POŠTA BEACH A steep path through nature will take you down to a surface of soft and fine gravel surrounded by the shade of tamarisks and pines.

TEMPLUŽ is a hidden pearl that can be reached mainly by sea. Here you can hide from everyday life, from life’s troubles and, sometimes, from yourself!

Sometimes the rocks are the right choice, so the STORO POŠTA beach is ideal for those who like to lie on the sun-drenched rocks.

BALUNCIĆ beach can be accessed only by sea. Hidden from prying eyes, this dreamy beach is immersed in the beauty of nature and is created just for two people.

That’s not all. Start to explore everything that the coast of Komiža has to offer and you will find many more places to admire: BILE STINE, BJAŽIĆOVO, ŽANIĆOVO, ŠPORKA ŽOLO, JURKOVICA and MLIN.